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I am a born-to-talk (I spoke before I walked) Italian multilingual (Italian, Japanese, English, Spanish) actress, comedienne, talk show host, inspirational speaker, and chef. But the best and most rewarding job I've ever had is being a wife and a mother. I prefer that to any other, because - no prestige, recognition, fame or money could ever present me with the award of seeing the results of that choice in my life.

My career started in Milan, Italy as a model and talent many years ago and fully bloomed later in Tokyo, where I became a household name. After working as a model for two years, I started auditioning and landed two TV shows lead roles, (one of which was for the top show in the country for decades). I was then offered contracts by the three top agencies in Tokyo and chose to sign with the top celebrity agent Tanabe Agency, becoming their only non-Japanese-by-birth talent. I was hired as a “maruchi tarento” (“multi-talent”), an entertainer with a wide range of performing skills and talent, with strong improvisation ability. I worked as a regular on multiple popular TV shows for public national television (NHK) as well as for all the other major TV channels and production companies, including Fuji and Fuji Sankei Productions in New york, (creator and producer of the original Iron Chef). I traveled all over Japan and around the world and appeared on a countless number of other shows, radio programs, magazines, newspapers, film, theater and live events. 

I chose to stop working when I had my first child in order to focus exclusively on my family and raising my children. This was the hardest and yet the best endeavor of my life. It sculpted my heart and mind, like nothing else could ever have. Going from being a beloved celebrity to an unknown stay-home-mom (in a different country) was a humbling and transforming experience that taught me about life and the human soul. Its result is what ignites my ever growing passion to empower others through personal coaching, public speaking, and writing.

I talk about Love and our need for authentic self-esteem, confidence and courage, in order to experience a truly fulfilling, happy life, and how the lack of - leads to depression and addiction, and inexorably impacts our relationships, success, and our all around wellbeing.

Family, friendship, dating, marriage, and parenting, as well as the pursuit of our dreams are deeply affected by our own sense of who we are. My mission is to help people find relief from fear and despair, and to empower their hearts and minds to achieve emotional, spiritual, and physical health at any age. Young or old, no matter what history or background, we all have the right to internal freedom and the potential for any transformation we desire, as our amazing brains are able to continue to rewire and regenerate throughout our entire lives.