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I am a born-to-talk Italian linguist and polyglot, actress, comedienne, talk show host, inspirational speaker, and chef. But the hardest, yet most rewarding job I've ever had in life is being a wife and a mother. 

Being a wife and a mother is incomparably harder, but no award, recognition, fame or money can ever present you with the award of seeing what your LOVE produces in your life.

This is why I consider that the greatest job I've ever had.

Giving up myself only gave me a better me back. A free, alive, strong, truly happy version of me.

Because my journey has come to a place of peace and understanding that I've longed for my whole life, I have decided to share all that I have learned (while I am continuing to learn) with anyone who wants to hear, embark on that same journey, or needs help in walking their own journey.

I speak and write about Love and what it really means to Love. I share from my own experience, from my failures and mistakes and finding my way to true success, not the one as an object/money producing machine in the world, but as a human being.

Finding purpose and fulfillment in life, building healthy and enriching relationships (versus loneliness, despite being adored by many), as well as rebuilding self-esteem and confidence (replacing fear, anxiety and addiction) -- depend SOLELY on our ability to authentically receive and give Love

In "My recipes for life, Love & happiness", I describe Love as the ultimate food for the soul, without which we die inside. We can fill our lives with hard work, accomplishments and even self-sacrifice, but not being able to eat and digest the only food that gives life and energy to our soul leaves us empty and still starving. Just as absorbing nutrients from food requires a healthy digestive system, absorbing Love requires a healthy heart. It is not as easy and "natural" as we assume it to be, but it is the only way we can thrive as a whole human being (heart, mind, body and soul).

Paradoxically our freedom and capacity to give Love strictly depends on our freedom and capacity to receive Love.

As we heal and build a strong heart, we also develop brain muscles. True Love can ONLY be learned through hard work, not from a distance, in a post, through a screen, or even a book. It is the greatest discipline that we can ever master.

It is 100% based on self control and perseverance, it requires us to build mental muscles. It is not for the faint of heart, it requires courage and determination, but it worth absolutely everything.

What we get in return for giving it our best shot is feeling truly alive, not just existing or surviving, but thriving. 

Are you ready to give Love YOUR best shot?

With Love, always,