What I wished I had learned sooner in life

What I wished I had learned sooner in life

It’s never too late to learn. But here is what I wish I had learned sooner in life:

Two hurting people don’t make a healthy one.

Two imperfect people don’t make a perfect one.

Two unhappy people don’t make a happy one.

They can share happy moments, but

Two hurting people will only make each other hurt more.

Two imperfect people will only make each other less perfect.

Two unhappy people will make each other more unhappy,


  • they find out and share the truth about themselves
  • take responsibility
  • accept and Love themselves and each other unconditionally

then they will heal, become their best happy selves and enjoy more happiness together.

What truly matters...

Some are unhappy even though they have everything, some are happy even though they have nothing.

Our happiness is not in our satisfaction but in our ability to feel satisfied.

We can't appreciate what we don't value and when we value the wrong things we can never be happy.

When we value the right things we are happy because even if we have nothing, we have everything.

When we value the wrong things we will always be unhappy because there's never enough of the wrong thing, but we only need a little of the right thing cause the right thing is always enough.


Remember last time you received an amazing gift, or imagine getting something you've been working hard to get. Close your eyes, how did you feel? Were you happy because you "GOT" the thing or because you felt loved/appreciated?