Religion, The Universe, God, or Love?

Religion, The Universe, God, or Love?

I have learned that religion often has nothing to do with God.

But if God does exist and He is not made of material form, than He cannot be seen or touched in a physical way.

If God is indeed Love, just like the Love that we feel for the special people in our hearts, He will be felt in us by something other than our senses.

For example, our loved ones are just as real inside of us whether near or far, whether we can see/hold them or not. We can move to another country (like I did), and never stop loving our family. We might lose them, but they will always live in our hearts, simply because Love is the only thing that never dies.

This proves that Love is real. More real than anything else in the world. Love is eternal and immortal. Love is what we all want and long for, the only thing that has the power to make us happy. Without Love we die inside, no matter what and how much we do to survive, because we are made of Love, and need Love like we need food, water, and oxygen to feel alive.

Love is what some call - the universe - and some call God. It is the energy that makes things happen or not happen — and it is not just a belief, but our reality, the one true and only fact that no one can escape or deny.

In conclusion, religion is a belief, and so is atheism, but Love is so much more.