The Love Match

Knowledge is power, but really understanding and being able to practice Love, meaning being able to apply it to real life, (when in the middle of an emotionally challenging situation), is the the greatest power of all.

Love is life energy, without Love in our hearts we are dead inside. 

Live TO LEARN to truly love and you will feel ALIVE. 

No matter who throws what at you, you will always have something greater to throw back at them.

When we initiate communication with Love by using the TRUTH inside of us (meaning being VULNERABLE, through discarding shame and fear of judgment), AND respond with unconditional Love, (by receiving without judging the truth that the other person feels), everyone wins.

There is no loser, only winners and peace at the end. 

I call this "The Love Match", because it might feel a bit like boxing, but instead of going down we only go up, taking it higher and higher with each round.

Instead of getting weaker we only get stronger individually and together

Let Love rule and win first in your heart, and then in your life, through courageous vulnerability and unconditional kindness.





  • Learning to strike and punch with truthful love while taking hits with     grace is an art that takes practice and devotion.
  • Become as intentional as possible in your interaction starting with your loved ones, and then with everyone around. When in the middle of conflict, make a conscious effort to consider the other person's feelings in the given situation. Allow them to express their perspective without judging. Offer understanding and empathy.
  • Notice the difference.



Coming soon: "Is Vulnerability a dirty word?"