what is Love-.png


The beginning and the end 


The source and the goal of it all


The fuel and life blood of the heart


The bread and water of every soul 


Without which, rich or poor, we all die inside


What creates, powers, and completes.

But what is Love?

Live to learn how to Love

And you will find that you love to live.








Beauty is not your age

Beauty is not the color of your eyes

Beauty is not the color or length of your hair

Beauty is not the shape or size of what you wear

Beauty is not the car you drive in

or the house you live in

What can adorn your beauty 

is not what defines your beauty

What's inside of you is beauty

The unfading and everlasting beauty that lives on

The beauty that only grows with time and sacrifice

Beauty that fears nothing

Beauty that sees beauty even through the dark

Beauty that shines and warms the world around 

You, mother and wife

You, who perseveres and never stops

You, friend and sister 

You, simply and magnificently you



Fireworks of the Heart

Fireworks of the Heart

Surprisingly enchanting, captivating, mesmerizing

Sparkling and shining, vibrantly alive

 deliciously beautiful

They can take more than our breath away

So much more than mere fireworks in the sky

They can capture and own us

 Fight us and even destroy us

More than mere fireworks in the sky

 Blazing flames in our hearts

But... just like fireworks

 They appear and disappear

They are called Emotions

Sometimes life giving

sometimes life stopping

Nothing more intense and glorious

and yet more deceiving and betraying

Nothing feels more real and yet is more unreal

 Nothing can tell the truth like emotions

and yet nothing can tell lies like emotions

From liking to despising

from loving to hating  

In the same heart and in the same lifetime -


in the blink of an eye

Do they belong to us or do we belong to them?


- Remember and reflect on an occasion when you felt some explosive emotions in your heart. How did you feel exactly and how long did they last? How did you feel afterwards? Some emotions leave you feeling wonderful and some leave you feeling awful.

- Learn to recognize where your emotions originate. Are they really telling the truth? 

- No matter how great and loud your emotions feel in you heart, they are only temporary. Whether they are enjoyable or painful, just like fireworks they are fleeting. Love is not, be careful not to judge or measure love by your emotions.