My Story

On top of Salerno Castle with the city & the Amalfi Coast in the background.

On top of Salerno Castle with the city & the Amalfi Coast in the background.

I was born and raised in Italy, in a beautiful coastal city named Salerno. Because growing up in a single culture atmosphere just didn’t seem sufficient to me, I set out of Italy with a deep desire and longing to meet, get to know and live with people that had different backgrounds, history, languages, cultures, cuisines, strengths and talents. I knew I would never have enough of discovering and learning from everyone’s uniqueness and beauty.

I was hungry to understand the human heart and behavior, why we feel what we feel and do what we do. I was also insatiably curious and determined to learn if, and how psychology and God fit and work together to help, guide, and lead the human heart to the power of inner freedom and happiness.

I was blessed to see my dream come true and given the privilege to travel, live and work internationally. I have lived in Tokyo, Japan, for 13 years, and I now reside in the US, where I lived for the past 16 years. Throughout Asia, Europe and the US, I have been enriched and blessed beyond words by each one of all the beautiful people and cultures I have had the great honor an privilege to know and share life with.

In my journey I have gone from enthusiasm to loneliness, from ambition to depression, from success to failure. Conversely, from rock bottom to the top of the world, from fear and despair to confidence and power, from confusion to clarity and freedom, from darkness to light, from emptiness to peace, overwhelming joy and inner fulfillment.

I share my story because  I believe each story carries the strength, vulnerability and true beauty of our humanity.