emotional strength


Brain muscles.png

How to build strong brain muscles

  • Accept and endure your challenges almost as if you were lifting weights at the gym, knowing that this is your opportunity to grow stronger Just like a muscle, your mind develops with use.
  • Accept that enduring a tough situation hurts and leaves you sore for a while. Muscles tear inside after lifting , but then they grow stronger and bigger, so will your mental muscles. Let that thought comfort and toughen you. Push to the limit and take it higher.

Other general tips:

  • Do not worry about people and what they think of you.
  • Do not try to be like everybody else. Be 100% YOU.
  • Practice self control, lots of it. At every opportunity. The more you do, the tougher you will get (and the quicker).
  • Don’t complain. Reject discouragement and negativity, prolonged disappointment weakens the mind. Set a goal and keep going, figure out a way to push through until you reach it.
  • Do not EVER throw pity parties for yourself (with your mouth or in your head).