staircase to heaven

Why Diamond Epiphanies

Why Diamond Epiphanies

(When life finally starts making sense)

Temporary fixes, splurges, pursuing and accumulating material riches, "impressive stuff", fame and success, and even “relationships” do not help us find our sense of worth. They do not heal or fulfill our soul.

Instead, realizing our own real beauty and value, not one based on youth and perfection, or even talents, but the beauty that only comes from the wisdom of experience and resilience can empower and free us to truly love and feel loved. 

Emotional wellbeing is crucial to our all around health. I believe in nurturing, nourishing, and strengthening our emotional health because everything depends on it. Our body, our love life, our career and success, our friendships and relationships, our purpose and contribution to the world, and, last but not least, our true peace and contentment.

Imagine your life journey as a glass staircase to heaven. Fragile, scary and beautiful at the same time. As you climb, the most terrifying moments are when you see a broken glass step in front of you… you feel completely overwhelmed, frightened and paralyzed.

Just as you think, "I am stuck, I can't go any further", the broken glass step in front of you turns into an unbreakable diamond step that makes it not only possible for you to keep going, but it is all yours to keep. No one could ever take it away from you and yet you are free to give it away to anyone and as many as you want to, without ever losing it. 

I call these shining, glorious moments “Diamond Epiphanies”.

Diamond Epiphanies are precious, ordinary, yet extraordinary real life moments, simply because the eyes of our hearts have opened to see beyond our circumstances. Each one is your reward for having come this far, as well as the encouragement and inspiration you need to keep going. 

Diamond Epiphanies are a divine gift, shedding light, guidance and understanding over the unfathomable mystery of life. They are those truth revealing moments that make life exciting and worth living.