The New American Dream

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The New american Dream

Living in Hollywood, where image is everything, and coming from a background of glamour and success at a very young age, I understand the pressure and the desire for a flawless, youthful appearance as well as an impressive lifestyle. A stressful, life-stealing real battle that magnifies with the passing of time and the clock of life ticking.

In a world that glorifies  physical strength and beauty for the gain of fame, success, money, youth, I share my paradoxical story. A story of success and the loss of success…. for the gain of True Success. The kind that has not produced money, fame or adoration, but has brought me the real happiness which I could only wish for in my younger years and even at the peak of my earlier career. This authentic and worthy type of success has earned every ounce of my respect, along with a life-giving gratitude.

I share my story, my journey and my heart as I am passionate about our world waking up to a New Dream, one that values and desires truth, inner strength and true beauty.  The kind of beauty that does not diminish, but intensifies and grows with time. I call this dream The New American Dream, one that pursues the wellbeing of the heart above the worship of what satisfies and glorifies the body, and even the mind. A worthy dream and the only dream that has the power to achieve a rich, exhilarating, fulfilling life. A life bursting with purpose, energy, passion, and a real, lasting happiness.

Food for thought:

What am I dreaming and why?


- Take the time throughout the day to notice what brings the most joy to my heart and allow myself to breath it all in with deep appreciation and gratitude.