"Eat-Laugh-Learn" is a live interactive cooking and soul enriching Food & Talk experience. It is a uniquely therapeutic and transformative event, created to nourish and empower the entire being through laughter, delicious gourmet cuisine, and spiritual and intellectual inspiration. 

What does food have to do with happiness, peace, and soul hunger? 

- Food can teach us that it is good to be human. When we learn to take the time to nourish ourselves with care and respect, to savor, delight in the deliciousness and goodness of food, we feel nurtured, we honor, respect and enjoy being in our physical home — our body. 

- Food bonds us with others. There is something very intimate about eating,  and sharing the act of eating with others requires a certain vulnerability, nakedness, and authenticity. Sharing meals together magically connects us to each other, it is a natural and powerful celebration of life, family and friendship. In a world, now more than ever, truly hungry for human touch and connection, food plays a far more significant role than we realize. Eating together strengthens and heals us both relationally and individually.

Food is the most universal common denominator need to all humans, no matter what language, culture, or background we are from - it is an enormous part of life. A healthy relationship with food and realizing that there is something sacred and spiritual about it, can be our first step towards more than just physical health. 

- I use food in a unique way, not just to teach how to cook and eat healthy, but as a key to open the door to a deeper understanding of the human body, mind and soul, and as a vehicle to our all around wellbeing and happiness.

- I don’t teach recipes per se, I teach you how to become a confident cook. This is why my cooking experience is interactive and participatory.  This is the only way to learn because learning is not theory, but practice, owning a skill, mastering anything is experiential. The words open the brain and the heart, but the “doing” teaches the body and transforms the brain on a cellular level. Listening and watching are only the beginning,  the actual “use” of the knowledge is what changes us from being afraid of  "not being able to" — to becoming naturally good at something. This and many other life lessons can be discovered in the kitchen and brought into the rest of our lives.

Menu, Topics, and Schedule available upon request.